Get out there

One of the silver linings of the initial quarantining and subsequent social distancing has been the catalyst to explore Nantucket’s vast network of publicly accessible trails, meandering through conservation land. While it’s easy to get so immersed that one feels lost in the landscape, ultimately human intervention reveals itself with a ridge line, a boardwalk, … Continued

Planned Obsolescence

Anyone working in an architecture firms tends to wear many hats. Smaller firms might take this to an even greater extreme. From day to day, hour to hour one may be working through designs on trace, reviewing project time logs and invoicing, managing and unexpected staff or project issues, or troubleshooting a gremlin in the … Continued


While GA was officially established back in 2017, this Thanksgiving season represents the culmination of our first project cycle and while much work continues, this is a milestone we only get to experience once. In addition to the great support of our families and friends, GA has been blessed to collaborate with many talented professionals … Continued