One of the silver linings of the initial quarantining and subsequent social distancing has been the catalyst to explore Nantucket’s vast network of publicly accessible trails, meandering through conservation land. While it’s easy to get so immersed that one feels lost in the landscape, ultimately human intervention reveals itself with a ridge line, a boardwalk, a signpost, or a recently trimmed path. The best examples of these seem to be as part of the landscape as the thicket of scrub oak, or a decaying pitch pine. Every project on Nantucket is an opportunity to create something that strives to be a complimentary piece of what makes this environment, both natural and manufactured, so special.


Gryphon Architects is proud to be a sponsor for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Race for Open Space. This annual event will look a bit different this year, but also allow for new opportunities for participants to create their own routes and enjoy the magnificent landscape individually or in small groups. 

Even without an event, it’s encouraging to see people out on the trails, enjoying the experience, and appreciating what it takes to maintain such a magical environment.

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