While GA was officially established back in 2017, this Thanksgiving season represents the culmination of our first project cycle and while much work continues, this is a milestone we only get to experience once. In addition to the great support of our families and friends, GA has been blessed to collaborate with many talented professionals in bringing to our projects to fruition. 

We are thankful to have worked closely with O’Connor Custom Builders, Levesque Builders, Knapp Construction, Ridgeline Construction, Medius Builders, Barber & Sons, James Donahue Builders, AB Norton Construction, Delbrook | JKS, and modular companies Huntington Homes and KBS.

Additionally property managers Nicholls & David, Island Eyes, and Matthew Andersen have lent their coordination prowess to our completed projects, offering an additional level of oversight and peace of mind for their clients.

Our team of consultants provided not only their expertise and high level of service, but also offered professional guidance as GA navigated the murky waters encountered by a new enterprise. We look forward to continued collaboration with Coastal Engineering, Rivermoor Engineering, Bracken Engineering, Nantucket Engineering & Survey, Ack Smart, Rescom Architectural, and Caveny Architectural Collaborative.

We are grateful to Reade, Gullicksen, Hanley, & Gifford and Congdon and Coleman Insurance for advising us on the best way to protect our company as well as our clients.

Thank you to the many referrals from our clients, realtors, attorneys, and other numerous professionals on the island as well as our commercial clients Get Space and Cisco.

And finally, if not for Marquis Creative, we might still be languishing the backwater of self managed web and graphic design.

Still much to do, but very thankful for all bonds formed thus far and looking toward our new round of projects and experiences. 

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